In November, Tesla started opening ten Supercharger locations for other electric cars. To be able to charge at a Tesla Supercharger, your EV had to have a CCS connection. Starting this week, Tesla has rolled out the option for the Superhargers to be used by other EVs in all locations.

To be able to charge at a Tesla Supercharger, you must install the Tesla app. The ‘loose’ charging rates start at 69 cents per kilowatt hour. Depending on the location, this can go up to 71 cents per kWh. Just like with FastNed and other providers of fast chargers, you can also take out a subscription with Tesla. That costs 12.99 per month and then you only pay 29 cents per kWh. If you purchase at least 33 kWh every month from a Tesla Supercharger, a subscription is cheaper.

Still a pilot
On the website, Tesla still talks about a pilot, just like a few months ago. Whether this also means that the EV manufacturer could at some point decide to limit the availability of Superchargers for other EVs again is not clear. That will probably depend on the success, usage and the number of subscriptions. Oh, and if in a few months Tesla drivers are complaining that they run into Superchagers full of other EVs too often, that could also affect availability. For now, that’s pure speculation.

Tesla’s Superchargers have a maximum charging capacity of 350 kWh. That is roughly comparable to FastNed’s Hyperchargers.

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