About the Penrith Co-operative Society

Formed in 1890, the Penrith Co-operative Society Limited is a successful and independent co-operative society which serves the needs of village and town communities in the heart of Eden Valley, the Lake District and Weardale Valley, areas traditionally known for farming and tourism.

The society is owned by its Members (25,005 in July 2010) and controlled by a lay Board of Directors, with operations run by professional management and around 260 staff.

The society’s stores sell the Co-op range of goods, along with other products sourced locally. The Penrith store has a large grocery supermarket, the latest fashions, a home furnishing department and the largest display of electrical goods in town, along with a cafe to relax in. In Penrith and all our other stores you’ll find the best in fruit and vegetables, grown locally and from other parts of the world.

Since 1890, each store has provided a free food delivery service and operates a simple system for orders by phone, letter, fax or email. All items displayed in the Penrith Department Store can be ordered by telephone or by visiting any of the Society Stores *. See the Contact page for details of how to contact us.

The Society has strong co-operative values, and members get a share of dividends twice a year. Our ethics lead us to support Fair Trade, reduce our impact on the Environment, and look after our employees, customers and the community.

For details of membership and receiving dividends, see the Members page.

Our long history is described in the book “Penrith Co-operative Society – An Illustrated Chronicle 1890-2006” by K & J Hood.

Board of Directors of Penrith Co-operative Society

Correct at April 2019:

  • Ralph Beaumont BA (Hons) LL.B (Hons) MSc – President
  • David Robinson Pg Dip MRIPH FRSPH – Vice President
  • Linda Foulds
  • Robert Good
  • Alan Little BA (Hons) MBA
  • Nicholas Lloyd
  • Mitchell Smith

Chief Executive Officer

  • John Mills – Chief Executive Officer

Registered Office

  • 19, Burrowgate
  • Penrith
  • Cumbria
  • CA11 7TD

Registered Number

2854R (England and Wales)